Spotlight in the Sun

This was the first single from our debut album ‘Living Receiver’ (2009), which has just been re-released. Guess you could say this is where it all began for us…

‘What’s wrong with me? Shall I come clean? ‘Cause there’s a spotlight in the sun on me.
This drink means more to me but I need more as this spotlight shines down for me.

You’ll see that she…
She’s capturing the crown
She’s trying to bring me down
Before the second round begins.

I’m standing still. No room to move or fill as this spotlight shines down on me
Caught in the sun, but I don’t know which way to run as this spotlight shines down for me

To my disgrace this light’s embrace is holding me again
In place of who I am this empty man is staring back at me.

Caught in the sun- but I don’t know which way to run
As this spotlight shines down for me.’


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Medicated Shell (album version) – Feat. sitar, tabla & Raj’s mother

Our singer Raj was born in Australia, but what you might not know is that his mother is a classically trained Sri Lankan singer. He grew up jamming in alternative rock bands in high school while also learning the 72 scales of Carnatic music. The intro of Medicated Shell was sung by Raj’s mother. The track also features some pretty cool sitar and tabla.

Medicated Shell is about an addict who loses touch with reality.

‘Sitting cracked up on this wall, I’m moving with the ebb and flow. It’s pulsing through my veins, it slowly pushes up again. This clock has stopped. Time passed slowly. I’m punching out again…

I’m fading. I’m fading. I’m gone. Can you see through me now ’cause I’m fading, I’m fading, I’m gone in this medicated shell.

Meditating, drifting slowly in and out of conscious headspace. Breathe it in and breath it slowly; tendrils fade away. Said it’s a universal state of being; always seen but never seeing. Whispered thoughts that have no meaning, oh they’ll rue that day. This pin has dropped, it’s sinking slowly. Digging in my brain…’


From the album ‘Living Receiver’ (2009). Available on
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