A weekend of awesomeness & epic fails

A weekend of awesomeness and epic fails

This is Tamara. Kay threw his drumsticks into the audience last night & she caught ‘em. Problem was, I called it one song too early so he needed them back. She pushed her way to the front of the crowd (not easy at a festival) & saved the day. These guys had been waiting 2 years to see us live & demonstrated some excellent stickering skills too.

So… why did we only have one pair of drumsticks? Here are the bizarre series of fails we had this weekend:

  1. Kay put his cymbal & drumstick bag on top of the car after our Munich show on Friday. We drove off without them. He may or may not have been intoxicated when he did it.
  2. Adil broke a string in the most epic part of his bass solo last night.
  3. We couldn’t start the tour van after last night’s show because we left the lights on.
  4. Using google maps to walk to the hotel is great if you’ve got reception. If not, you end up on a 2 hour scenic tour at 3 in the morning.

You can’t help but laugh. The shows were great & the crowds were rockin’. An awesome & very memorable weekend.


Nazis vs. anti-fascism demonstrators in Berlin

It was crazy weekend in Berlin. Around 6000 protesters turned up to block the march of the right wing neo-Nazi “NPD” party on Saturday. The handful of NPD idiots were able to make it around 200 metres in total. If the police weren’t there using pepper spray and batons against the protesters, they wouldn’t have even made it that far. To be fair to the police though, cops hate having to uphold freedom of speech laws in these situations. We met a guy at a Munich show who was federal policeman. He said protecting fascist marchers was the worst part of his job and that the cops would love nothing more than to use the pepper spray on them instead…

Big props to everyone who turned up to say NO MORE to racism, bigotry and intolerance. xx