Our ‘Live at Woodstock’ DVD / Blu-ray is available for pre-order now!

We’re only releasing 100 signed & individually numbered copies, so pre-order yours now at: bit.ly/1QSCtJR. They’re shipping on Oct 31st & every sale goes towards making our new album.

Sorry about the delay guys… It took us aaaages to chase up licenses for the 3 covers we played. Great news is Bob Dylan’s peeps gave our version of “All Along The Watchtower” the thumbs up! He’s extremely cool about artists covering his songs.

Sadly The Beatles’ publishers & Massive Attack didn’t reply to multiple emails, so Eleanor Rigby & Teardrop didn’t make the cut. Everything else is on there! Tracklist:

1. Faking This
2. The Piper’s Mirror
3. The Captain
4. Sex and TV
5. Rain
6. Animals in My Mind
7. Exodus
8. Medicated Shell
9. All Along the Watchtower (Dylan / Hendrix cover)

Here are some screenshots:

New album update #2 – Suggestions for crowdfunding rewards / perks?


Hey guys! We were blown away & humbled by your support & encouragement when we talked about crowdfunding our new album last week. So we’ve decided to do it!

Now we’re working out what rewards / perks to offer. Got any suggestions? Anything goes!

Just like Sugarcoated, we want to release it as a free download. So we’re thinking about a special digital version for supporters with acoustic b-sides & early access. We’ll have signed CDs, vinyls & t-shirts too.

Let us know if you have any other ideas.


#300NightsInBerlin #Day91

New album update #1 – Crowdfunding?


Hello friends! Greets from the mountains of Switzerland. Can’t believe it’s been 4 months since we arrived in Berlin to work on the new record!

It’s been an intense time- getting our new bass player up to speed, preparing for our “Live from The Basement” video shoot (more on that soon) & touring Europe.

Now that’s done, we finally can sink our teeth into pre-production. Starting Monday we’re in studio lockdown in Berlin! We’ve written a bunch of killer riffs & lyrics and the band is sounding tighter & fatter than ever before. We’re really, really pumped.

Only thing is, we’ve been scratching our heads about how to fund it…

You guys probably know we’re independent & manage ourselves. We sold all our stuff in 2010, bought a one-way ticket out of Australia & we’ve been living on the road ever since. You’ve given us couches to crash on all over the world & that (combined with a canned soup diet & lots of busking) let us pull off 5 years of full time touring on our own! We’re really proud of that, but it’s time for us to take The Sunpilots to the next level.

We’ve decided to record in Berlin because it’s cheap, inspiring and has a great street music scene. We’re making just enough from busking & gigs to cover our living expenses. So we need to figure out how to fund recording/mixing/mastering/promoting the new album, making new music vids & the official World Tour.

It’s a huge project for an indie band. But the result is going to be epic. The last year has been amazing for us & it feels like we’re on the edge of something huge right now. Like the years of blood & sweat have been distilled into something so potent that we can smell it around the next corner. Yeah, we’re excited.

So how do we do this? We want to stay independent so we’re considering doing our first crowdfunding campaign. We love the idea of getting you guys involved & sharing the adventure with you. But it’s something we’ve never done before so we want to get your feedback first. What do you guys think?


#300NightsInBerlin #Day84

We’ve decided to start vlogging our adventures!


Got a sick new camera so we can start vlogging our adventures! We’ll be posting behind the scenes vids from the studio & the road, live shows and a bunch of never before seen footage. Plus answering your questions, sharing our craziest tour stories and talking about the things which matter most to us.

We’ve wanted to do this ever since we posted the first 5 ‘We are The Sunpilots’ vids. So stay tuned peeps… new episodes coming soon! Subscribe to youtube.com/thesunpilots so you don’t miss ’em.

AND SO IT BEGINS… The aftermath of last night’s band meeting. Massive hangover and I’m pretty sure my neighbours hate…


The aftermath of last night’s band meeting. Massive hangover and I’m pretty sure my neighbours hate me. We had lots to celebrate though, because we just finalised plans for the next part of our journey. And it’s gonna be epic.

Firstly, we can’t wait to make this new album! We’re really excited about how much our sound has changed since Sugarcoated. And when it’s released in early 2016, we’ll be hitting the road for our first official WORLD TOUR! Pulling it off independently is going to be a challenge. But that’s what makes it so rewarding.

Demoing for the new album starts next week. We’ll be posting lots of updates & videos so you guys can share the crazy ride.


#300NightsInBerlin #Day50