We’ve decided to start vlogging our adventures!


Just got a sick new camera, so we’ve decided to start vlogging our adventures! We’ll be posting behind the scenes vids from the studio & the road, live shows and a bunch of never before seen footage. Plus answering your questions, sharing our craziest tour stories and talking about the things which matter most to us.

We’ve wanted to do this ever since we posted the first 5 ‘We are The Sunpilots’ vids. So stay tuned peeps… new episodes coming soon! Subscribe to youtube.com/thesunpilots so you don’t miss ’em.

AND SO IT BEGINS… The aftermath of last night’s band meeting. Massive hangover and I’m pretty sure my neighbours hate…


The aftermath of last night’s band meeting. Massive hangover and I’m pretty sure my neighbours hate me. We had lots to celebrate though, because we just finalised plans for the next part of our journey. And it’s gonna be epic.

Firstly, we can’t wait to make this new album! We’re really excited about how much our sound has changed since Sugarcoated. And when it’s released in early 2016, we’ll be hitting the road for our first official WORLD TOUR! Pulling it off independently is going to be a challenge. But that’s what makes it so rewarding.

Demoing for the new album starts next week. We’ll be posting lots of updates & videos so you guys can share the crazy ride.


#300NightsInBerlin #Day50

Eastside Music Days street festival (Fri Aug 28th, Berlin)

We’re playing at street music festival in Berlin on Friday Aug 28th. Come rock out with us at 8pm on the Oberbaumbrücke bridge stage, run by our friends at Berlin Street Music. They’re all about keeping the city’s killer scene alive.

It’s gonna be an awesome summer night of music by the river. Perfect chance to release your inner hippie.

2015-08-29 Eastside Music Days flier - SUNPILOTS (Berlin, DE)

#300NightsInBerlin #Day47 #rockingthestreets



LADIES & GENTS… OUR 5 YEAR WORLD TOUR IS OVER! And what a ride it’s been.

When we sold our things & left Australia in 2010 we had no idea what we were in for. I still remember our first day like it was yesterday… We turned up jetlagged & clueless in Berlin with nothing but our suitcases, instruments & enough savings to last a year.

The last 5 years have been the most exhilarating, challenging & rewarding experience of our lives. We shared an apartment for a while, ran out of cash & decided to live on the road instead of quit. And that’s when the real adventure began.

We’ve played in a ruined castle, crossed the Swiss Alps & drank beer at a Belgian monastery. We’ve marched against Nazis, toured Route 66 & driven through Scottish blizzards. We’ve ended up in secret underground bikie clubs, played at Morgan Freeman’s blues bar & spent 3 nights in a Polish jail (well, to be fair that was just me…). So many crazy adventures.

Don’t get me wrong- being nomads isn’t all fun & games. Not seeing family & friends for years at a time is heartbreaking. Relationships? Forget it. And while sleeping on air mattresses is fun for a while, doing it alongside 3 sweaty dudes every night ain’t pretty.
But it was all worth it for one reason- you guys. You opened your homes to us & gave us places to crash (every night!). You taught us how to deep fry an entire turkey & make moonshine. You cooked us amazing meals & gave us the local experience in every country we toured. Our fans have become our best friends & I don’t know any other band that can say that.

5 years ago no-one even knew who The Sunpilots were. I’m incredibly proud of the people we’ve grown into, our amazing fans & what we’ve achieved together since then. A whole new chapter is about to begin for us & we can’t wait to share it with you.

Peace & love,


New bass player joins the family


Everyone, please welcome our new bass player Stefan Bielik to the family!

We had an awesome jam with him after our Vienna show (yes, another Austrian dude…). He brought a crate of beer to the audition, so we were sold. He also lays down a KILLER bass groove & can translate German parking tickets for us.

Being in The Sunpilots is more than just a gig- it’s a lifestyle. Stefan is leaving his job, apartment & friends in Vienna to live on the road with us full time. That takes commitment. Welcome to the club mate!

PS. We head to Berlin in June to start work on our new album!