Watch our 1 hour "Live From The Basement" studio session

Really excited to share our first live studio session with you guys! We had an awesome time making it and hope you have an awesome time checking it out.

Everyone who supports our new album crowdfunding campaign gets a copy of this live album as well. Visit to check out the rewards and contribute. We're independent and would really appreciate the support. Special shout out to everyone who's pledge so far.

Would be great if you could share the video to help us spread the word.

Lots of love,
Raj, Bob, Kay and Stefan

Live From The Basement session on YouTube this Wednesday

The Sunpilots - Live From The Basement

Our Live From The Basement studio session will be out on YouTube this Wednesday. Here's the setlist:

Medicated Shell
The Captain
King of the Sugarcoated Tongues
Metric System
Sex and TV
The Piper's Mirror
You're Gonna be a Star

All our crowdfunding supporters get a copy of the live album - visit to contribute.

Until We Stand We'll Fall (lyrics)

Live in Mauerpark, Berlin

Lyrics for "Until We Stand We'll Fall" from the new album we're working on. Live preview coming soon.

Coloured black, white and grey
We bleed as one, spilling red onto their page
We are young and we have been betrayed
You better sober up before it’s too late

So, hear me out...

Until we stand we’ll fall
Victims of it all
I am not the one who’ll save you
If you can’t save yourself
You’re coming back for more
You pull the trigger, feel the roar
I am not the one who’ll save you
Save yourself

Like rabid dogs, they keep us caged
Feed us lies to fuel our rage
But I will rise above their hate
Crush their dreams to segregate
So come with me and we shall make
A colourblind human race

Though it’s easier cowering down in fear
Spread your wings my child, the time to fight is here

Photo: Live in Mauerpark, by G2 Baraniak

2 week German tour starts tomorrow

Taking a break from demoing in Berlin to tour Germany for 2 weeks. The last few months have been hectic- launching a crowdfunding campaign is a lot more involved than it looks! Feels good to hit the road again & reset. And try out some of the new songs live.

Here are the dates:
Fri 22.04 Das Haus (Landau, DE)
Sat 23.04 Rock Cafe (Ettenheim, DE)
Thu 28.04 Cafe-Bar Fantasy (Ortenberg, DE)
Fri 29.04 Studenten Cafe (Ulm, DE)
Sat 30.04 Irish Pub Haslach (Haslach, DE)

More details at Tell your friends & see you there!

The Sunpilots - Live
Photo: John Shippee