[LYRICS] New song "Battlecry" live in the park

"Battlecry" live in Mauerpark, Berlin

Our new song 'Battlecry' live in the park last Sunday. Some lyrics:

Reckon it's time we see past the colour
Every child's skin is something to pride
Reckon it's time we rise up together-
Hear us roar our battlecry...

Bleed the same blood
Reap what we've sown
We're all brothers and sisters in the mess when we're alone
Stare into the dark-
I can't see black or white
All I see are these fucking puppeteers that make us fight

Photo: Lars von Törne/Tagesspiegel

[GALLERY] "Fireflies" live recording session

More shots from our "Fireflies" live recording session in Berlin.

Watch the video: youtube.com/watch?v=8z04b5Oz9o4

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Lyrics for "Fireflies". Live preview out this Saturday

Some lyrics from "Fireflies". Preview of the song (filmed live in the studio) hits YouTube this Saturday!

"Fireflies" preview - Live from the studio


We are the soldiers in a war that we never want to win;
Trained monkeys do what we’re told for soil and gold...
Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, we’ll pretend
To sympathise the
Throw them back and watch them drown again...

Bitter lies like fireflies
Burning through my brain
Feels so good to be so numb-
Never want to change
Feed them to the beasts below,
Let them burn I say
Give me more, so I'll ignore
The bodycount today