[VIDEO] New album preview #3: Faded Out

Hello friends!

We’d like to wish you all happy holidays and a kick ass new year. Also a huge shoutout to everyone who’s pledged so far- we’re very lucky to have you as fans.

To celebrate a successful Sunpilots year, here’s another new album preview. It’s called “Faded Out” and was recorded live (one take) in Berlin. We still have a way to go to hit our crowdfunding goal so check out the rewards below if you’d like to contribute. Every bit helps.

Drums are done (we’re seriously pumped about how they sound). Currently recording bass, then guitar and vocals and slowly making steps towards the release?


You know me
Another night spent lying alone here
Trying to breathe
As the smoke and mirrors both begin to rise
As the world collides and then explodes before my eyes
I realise I can’t move, I can’t get up this time

We’ve fallen so low
We’ve fallen so low

Faded out
Won’t see tomorrow
Faded out
Won’t see tomorrow
We stand, we fall
And through it all
United as we burn

Hear the silence roar
Through the illusion of it all
You say we should fight
And then you fold
You fucked it up didn’t you?
You fucked it up didn’t you…


[VIDEO] New album preview #2: Fireflies

We’re excited to bring you guys another new album preview! “Fireflies” filmed live in the studio. Share and spread the word.

Massive shout out to everyone who’s pledged so far. Thanks to you we’ve been able to record the bed tracks for the songs in a great studio with a killer engineer. We still have a ways to go to cover mixing, mastering and manufacturing costs so if you’d like to help, just head to pledge.thesunpilots.com and pick one of the rewards to contribute.


We are the soldiers in a war that we never want to win;
Trained monkeys do what we’re told for soil and gold
Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, we’ll pretend
To sympathise then
Throw them back and watch them drown again…

Bitter lies like fireflies
Burning through my brain
Feels so good to be so numb-
Never want to change
Feed them to the beasts below,
Let them burn I say
Give me more, so I’ll ignore
The body count today

Dressed to kill in the blood they spill, such a pretty shade of red
Shame they had to lose their heads again…

This is the hour, don’t be late
Thought we’d never be here?
You should’a known better
This is the hour, don’t be late
This is the hour


[VIDEO] New album preview #1 and crowdfunding

Here it is guys! A preview of "Murder Of The Day" - the first track from the new album we're working on in Berlin. Filmed live in an old Soviet radio station.

This video is the launch of our first crowdfunding campaign - visit pledge.thesunpilots.com to learn more & contribute. We've got a bunch of killer rewards and we'd really appreciate the support.

If you can't afford to contribute, no sweat. Sharing the video is another great way to help. We're independent so we're counting on you guys to spread the word.

Thanks to everyone who's supported us so far!

-Raj, Bob, Kay & Stefan



We are horrified by what happened in Berlin this week. All our thoughts are with the victims and their families and friends.

This year alone religious extremists have killed hundreds in the West and thousands in the Middle East. It's heartbreaking. And when it happens in your own city- one of the most tolerant and open minded places in the world- it's difficult to not let fear get the better of you. Without even realising it you start looking over your shoulder, suspicious of anyone who looks a little different.

And that's exactly what these people want. Fear is their weapon and when we turn on each other in our need for someone to blame, they grow stronger. This year terrorists have killed 7257 people in Iraq, 2217 in Syria (this doesn't include people killed by Assad's regime), 987 in Afghanistan, 729 in Nigeria, 669 in Libya, 610 in Yemen, 542 in Somalia, 497 in Pakistan, 479 in Turkey, 217 in Egypt, 98 in France, 49 in the US, 32 in Belgium, 21 in Germany... the list goes on. The victims are of every religion, colour and nationality.

It's more important than ever that we have each other's backs. We have to get past our tendency to stereotype and stand together against this evil. Then, and only then, will we be able to finally defeat it.

[LYRICS] New song "Battlecry" live in the park

"Battlecry" live in Mauerpark, Berlin

Our new song 'Battlecry' live in the park last Sunday. Some lyrics:

Reckon it's time we see past the colour
Every child's skin is something to pride
Reckon it's time we rise up together-
Hear us roar our battlecry...

Bleed the same blood
Reap what we've sown
We're all brothers and sisters in the mess when we're alone
Stare into the dark-
I can't see black or white
All I see are these fucking puppeteers that make us fight

Photo: Lars von Törne/Tagesspiegel