School kids question Australian Prime Minister on backwards views

Some highschool kids grill the Australian Prime Minister on his backwards views on gay marriage, refugees, women’s rights and the environment. Incredibly proud of the way we don’t put our politicians on pedestals in this country. Speaking truth to power isn’t just part of our culture; it’s in our DNA. In the end that’s what’s going to save Australia from the blatant idiocy we’re being subjected to under the current government. Nicely done guys.

2 into 3 – For anyone who’s felt the sting of being cheated on…

For anyone who’s felt the sting of being cheated on- this song is for you. It’s from Living Receiver (2009) and it’s called 2 into 3:

Sitting at a cafe on broken street. I’m sitting at the table I saw him sit as well. Thinking of a time when we used to be and it’s killing me… My stupidity.

Somehow you have turned two into three. Maybe one day you’ll grow old and see that your beauty’s just skin deep. You’ll lose your shield, you’ll see.
Think you’ll always just land on your feet? One day you will be down on your knees. Don’t come crawling back to me.

Tell me, did I ask for your sympathy? No, you can take your fake smile and kid yourself as well. You think you’ve wrapped me misery but you’re wrong you see…
Tell me can he live with your tendency towards suffocating dependency as well? Does he have an expiry date like me?

When you’re weak and in need and you can’t seem to breathe. When you fall and you bleed; were you counting on me?
All alone and afraid in this hole that you made. When your light starts to fade, don’t come crawling back to me.

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