Until We Stand We'll Fall (lyrics)

Live in Mauerpark, Berlin

Lyrics for "Until We Stand We'll Fall" from the new album we're working on. Live preview coming soon.

Coloured black, white and grey
We bleed as one, spilling red onto their page
We are young and we have been betrayed
You better sober up before it’s too late

So, hear me out...

Until we stand we’ll fall
Victims of it all
I am not the one who’ll save you
If you can’t save yourself
You’re coming back for more
You pull the trigger, feel the roar
I am not the one who’ll save you
Save yourself

Like rabid dogs, they keep us caged
Feed us lies to fuel our rage
But I will rise above their hate
Crush their dreams to segregate
So come with me and we shall make
A colourblind human race

Though it’s easier cowering down in fear
Spread your wings my child, the time to fight is here

Photo: Live in Mauerpark, by G2 Baraniak

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