Evolution vs creation - Bill Nye debates Ken Ham

If you haven't seen this yet, it's a fascinating debate. We should all be comfortable with our beliefs (regardless of whether they're based in science, religion or both) evolving as our knowledge of the universe does. Continuing to entertain the idea that the world was created in a week around 6000 years ago, when everything we've learned says otherwise, is pretty closed-minded. And closed-mindedness just leads to intolerance and stops us from reaching our full potential.

The greatest thing's about Nye's argument is how respectfully he delivers it. He's a shining example of how we can have civil and decent discussions about things we disagree on. 

Some people have argued that scientists shouldn't debate creationists; that the argument is already over. If that were true we wouldn't have so many people trying to ban the teaching of evolution in public schools. Not to mention the degree of post-debate debate that's been raging on the internet. Seeing Bill Nye's eloquent and overwhelming argument for evolution against Ken Ham's arguments for creation is a great illustration of how illogical this debate actually is.



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