To all our British friends and fans who've experienced #PostRefRacism

To all our British friends and fans who've fallen victim to the #PostRefRacism sweeping the country - we stand with you.

Scenes like the one below are unfolding all over the UK. My mother was born in Wales - I have family and friends over there. Several of them have had vile racist & xenophobic comments hurled at them on the street since the Brexit referendum. Threats of physical violence. They're scared... and I don't blame them. Makes me wonder how I'll be treated when we tour the UK again (despite being a British citizen).

These are not isolated incidents. It's clearly evident there's a bigger problem with racism in the UK than most of us realised, or would like to admit. The only difference is now many more people feel justified acting on their ignorant views.

Doesn't matter how you voted. In or out of the EU- this problem is real, significant and needs to be dealt with before it tears the country apart. Over the last few days Britain has come to be viewed as one of the most toxic and racially intolerant countries in the Western world. That's a big fall for a nation which lost so many fighting against fascism 70 years ago.

We hope you'll start doing something (anything?!) to turn this around ASAP. Not just for the short term, but for the long run.


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