A special moment with refugees in Berlin

Concert at refugee shelter, Berlin

A special moment from our gig at the refugee shelter in Berlin. Such warm & courageous people.

Most were from Syria. Some were from Afghanistan & other war torn countries. All were fleeing the same evil responsible for the tragedies in Paris & Beirut last week. Terror & death was daily life for these people. Try & imagine that for a moment... Bombs in your street. Gas. Homes destroyed. Family and friends tortured & killed. EVERY. DAY.

It's sad to see all the ignorant & Islamophobic comments on social media right now. Mosques have been torched. Muslim couples have been beaten up... Yes, it's a frightening world we live in. But letting our fear turn into blind hatred towards innocents makes us no better than the extremists.

"Terrorist" and "Muslim" are not the same word. They're even spelled differently. The most powerful weapon against prejudice & bigotry is education. Most people aren't aware that ISIS carried out a horrific suicide bombing attack in Beirut the day before Paris. And that Lebanon is a mostly Muslim country... They don't know ISIS kills tens of thousands of people every month and that the vast, vast majority of their victims are Muslims. It's the reason so many families are seeking refuge in the west. Wouldn't you?

It's our responsibility to educate each other. We can't rely on mainstream media to provide all the information. Do some research and find out what's really going on. Talk to some Muslims instead of generalising about people you've never got to know.

There are millions of Muslims who are outraged about ISIS just as much as us. Many even more so. They've been reaching out on social media every minute since the Paris attack. Yet they're met with cynicism, suspicion & hate. Which is ironic, because these people are our single greatest ally in the fight against Islamic extremism. And we're alienating them.

Come on guys. We're better than this. Let's stop generalising, start educating & work together to fight the real enemy- the extremists.


#300NightsInBerlin #Day138

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