To the Australians using the Sydney siege tragedy to spout anti-Muslim hate

We are one. But we are many.Our hearts ache for the victims of the Sydney siege & their families. To the racist people & media spouting anti-Muslim rhetoric in the wake of this terrible event- using tragedy & the actions of a few to paint an entire religion with the same ugly brush is the most un-Australian thing you could do.

We're all part of the same race, the human race, so start acting like it and stop your generalising & fear-mongering. Using people's deaths to victimise innocent human beings is to disrespect their memory.

And please wake up to the future consequences of your actions. If we start down this path it won't be long before "'Straya" becomes the next "'Murica". Once that happens there's no going back. We are Australian; our diversity is & always will be our greatest strength. Especially in our darkest hours.


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