Poland – A country of contrasts

We’ve fallen in love with Poland and it’s people.

Historically Poland has always got the short end of the stick. Sitting on a completely flat piece of land in between two massive powers, I suppose it was inevitable that the country was so often caught in their tug-of-war. Since the fall of communism 20 years ago however, things have been changing at a meteoric pace. The Polish spirit is one of proud perseverance and there’s an unbelievable sense of excitement about what’s been happening in the country. It’s infectious. I once remarked to a friend in Poznan about the number of new highways and buildings under construction. He replied that “Poland is under construction!”. Sure, there are plenty of issues that the people still face. Free university education has led to a large pool of skilled workers but the job market is still playing catch-up. The average standard of living is still behind their neighbours to the west. But with a rapidly expanding middle-class and one of the fastest growing economies in Europe (it was the only¬†EU country to avoid a decline in GDP during the global financial crisis) it won’t be long before Poland is one of the power-houses of Europe alongside it’s German and French sisters. And considering the number of German and French business investing in the country, they seem to agree.

Still, facts and figures aren’t the reason we’re back here for the third time. Polish people are one of the most crazy and passionate audiences we’ve played to in Europe. If they’re feeling the music they’re not afraid to jump onto a table and show it- that’s pretty inspiring for a musician. Poles also manage to pull off contradictions better than most- for example their blend of extreme optimism and extreme pessimism. It’s a little hard to explain.. but it’s very Polish. The most addictive thing for me is that freedom is only 20-years young, so everyone is still celebrating it. It’s how we should all be living life. I guess that’s why we now call so many of our Polish fans friends.