[VIDEO] Voice problems and vocal recording update

Hello friends

Just a quick update on the new album. As you know the record was supposed to have been out by now. Unfortunately I've had some issues with my voice which have delayed things. I've suffered from acid reflux for many years but it's always been manageable. During our Canadian tour I began noticing the meds weren't working as well as they used to and that for the first time, it was affecting my singing. I was getting hoarse after a couple of songs, couldn't hit high notes properly and my throat felt like it was on fire after every set.

We had to cancel a bunch of European festival dates and after some very frustrating and painful vocal tracking sessions, postpone my recording as well. Turns out that was a good call because I haven't done any vocal chord damage. That was a huge relief (I seriously thought I had nodules). I'm on some stronger meds now and feeling better, albeit still not 100%. I'm about to have another crack at recording and will see how things go. If it's still not happening the next step will be anti-reflux surgery. It's a pretty standard procedure nowadays so nothing to worry about, but it would mean another 2-3 months before I can record.

Thanks a lot for your patience guys. This has been a difficult time for me but it feels good to finally have some answers and know there's a solution if the meds don't cut it. Will keep y'all updated.


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New album preview #4: Breathe

Excited to share this preview of our new song "Breathe" with you. It's a song from father to newborn son.

Much love to everyone who's supported our album crowdfunding. We still need to cover mixing and mastering so visit pledge.thesunpilots.com to pre-order the limited edition vinyls, CDs and t-shirts if you'd like to help. And please share the video if you dig it!


Son, I swear to you tonight
As your eyes take in their first light
I'll be there, there to catch you when you fall
Don't be scared
You won't stand alone

Sometimes in life you'll feel
Like the cuts won't ever start to heal
All the highs, the lows
The crushing blows
They'll come to be your strength, you'll see
You'll make it through it all if you
Remember just one thing

Don't forget to breathe
Just don't forget to breathe
Don't forget to breathe it out

Some day you, some day you'll come to to know
The sting when people judge and whisper things so cold
You gotta rise above the hate and remember just...

[GALLERY] Breathe live video shoot

Stills from our "Breathe" video shoot. Filmed live on our last day of recording in Spain. Video comes out on youtube.com/thesunpilots 8pm tonight Berlin time!

New album progress and release date

Hey guys,

We've been working hard on the album and we're pumped about how it's sounding. Our initial release date was Feb but it's taking longer and we wanted to let you know why. This is our first new record in 5 years and it's important to us that we nail it.

We just finished re-doing the bass (we weren't happy with the first sound we pulled) and it sounds killer now. This week we borrowed a bunch of vintage guitar amps from friends and Bob has been laying down more guitar parts. After that comes percussion and experimenting with other sounds, then vocals. All up there's about another 10 weeks of recording to do.

It took a while to find the right artist and concept for the vinyl / CD covers and t-shirts. We've got the perfect person on it now and it's looking awesome- we'll post pictures when they're done. There's a lot of other stuff going on behind the scenes too, like planning the album tour. We're independent and organising these things takes time.

After we've finished recording we'll need around 8 weeks to mix and master the record and manufacture everything. We've also got the opportunity to tour Canada between April and June, beginning with some meetings at Canadian Music Week. It's an amazing chance for us to grow the band and set up something big for the album release so we're jumping on it.

Which means we'll be shipping the album to you guys in September. To say thank you for your patience, all our crowdfunding backers are getting a download of our "Live From The Basement" album this week so keep an eye on your email.

We'll be running our crowdfunding right up until we start pressing the vinyls and CDs so you've got a few more months to contribute if you'd like to help: pledge.thesunpilots.com. Thank you to everyone who's contributed so far. It's going really well but we need to raise more to cover mixing and mastering and we're hoping to avoid borrowing money if we can.

That's where things are at right now. More updates to come!

-Raj, Bob, Kay and Stefan

PS. We're releasing another new song preview next month so stay tuned...