[VIDEO] New song "Fireflies" live in Mauerpark

New song "Fireflies" live in Mauerpark yesterday. Check out Bob's guitar solo at the end? There are gonna be quite a few solos on the new record.

We've started vocal tracking- one song done, 8 to go. Spending a week on each track but totally worth it- really happy with how it's sounding. Hit up pledge.thesunpilots.com to pre-order the vinyls / CDs / t-shirts. The pre-orders help us cover mixing and mastering costs.

Our first Canada tour kicks off this week

DC Music rehearsal studio, Toronto

Finally back together with the boys! Kay and I did a bunch of networking at Canadian Music Week last week. Got some great reactions to the new demos and we're pumped about releasing and touring the record later this year.

Stefan and Bob arrived in Toronto on Sunday and we spent the day in a rehearsal studio unpacking our gear. We left this stuff in storage after our US tour 3 years ago so we had no idea if it would work. Luckily nothing blew up. Felt good to jam again after a month apart.

Now the van is packed and we're all set to kick off our first Canadian tour. 10 weeks and 40 dates across country- this is gonna be an epic roadtrip. Dates for the West are out, East coast dates coming soon.