”It was a remarkable performance… The Sunpilots saw fit to add wailing guitar solos, ‘Achilles Last Stand‘-style vocal theatrics and slap basslines. Whoa!! They sure got our attention.” Andrew McMillen, Rolling Stone (AUS)

“The music The Sunpilots create is modern and exciting. Live, the band is led masterfully by charismatic singer Raj Siva-Rajah. Guitarist Bob Spencer delivers rhythmic and melodic solos, backed by a bassist who clings to his bass like a baby to a bottle. The show is beautifully crafted and the pieces are linked, captivating the listener track after track… The influences are diverse, ranging from Muse to Porcupine Tree via Led Zeppelin and Genesis. A group to see!” Zicazine (FR)

“The Sunpilots are one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a long time. Few acts can wrap crowds around their little fingers; even fewer truly lose themselves in their music. These guys do both… Watch these guys play – you won’t be disappointed.” Kaleidoscope (AUS)

“The tour promises passionate and energetic shows delivered with a confidence rarely found in such a young band. With front man Raj Siva-Rajah at the helm, The Sunpilots deliver its live shows with a striking presence conveying songs full of bitter sweet lyrics laced with melodic guitar-driven rock.” The Coffs Coast Independent (AUS)

King of the Sugarcoated Tongues

“…followed by the opulent, almost operatic The Piper’s Mirror and then Exodus, once again in great progressive detail. With King of The Sugarcoated Tongues we can recommend The Sunpilots to all those who would enjoy a mix of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Incubus and Muse. You’ll enjoy this musical cocktail also. With their successful second album and constant touring these Aussies will very easily play into a lot of hearts.” 10/10. Terror Verlag (DE)

King Of The Sugarcoated Tongues continues the dance of excellent Australian bands. There’s something in the water downunder – other than sharks – and it would do our local music scene well. With its consistent commitment to deliver the indie-way, fascinating storytelling, sophisticated retro songwriting and a great singer The Sunpilots are an alt-prog-treat.” 9/10. Demonic Nights (AT)

“These guys are great. They deliver rock- progressive, hyper accessible, subtle and full of emotion album. They only require a little bit of your attention. The emotional ROI (Return On Investment as they say in business) in this album is huge. Waiting to go and see them live.” 18/20. Aux Portes Du Metal (FR)

“How can you categorise the music? Difficult! Emotionally recited vocals are combined with more or less progressive drum parts. Clear once gentle guitar arrangements turn into distorted rock riffs and the bass changes from subtle and in the background to booming in other places. Versatile shades are served up as front man and musical comrades round out the package together. It can be alternative, then pop, then it rocks the house again officially. In any case, definitely worth a re-listen. 50 minutes of vitality!” Heavy Metal (DE)

“All the songs are quite melodic, especially Sex And TV, King Of The Sugarcoated Tongues and 3 Minutes to Midnight (highlights of the CD). In addition, the charismatic vocals of Australian (but with roots in Sri Lanka) Raj Siva-Rajah have a profound effect- the hallmark of the band, very original and idiosyncratic. A good production (nice, dry 70-Rock Sound) rounds out the cause. A strong album. Highly recommended!” 8.5/10. Power Metal (DE)

“The Sunpilots tell their story very emotionally and have really touched me as a reviewer with the content. The guidance by the music gives the lyrics extra zing. I compare this band with a bit of Tenacious D, since they also tell stories during their performances. A must for every story lover.” Snooze Control (BE)

“Catchy and at the same time complex music. It’s progressive- Muse and Coheed & Cambria influences are mixed with some old school bands such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Vocalist Raj Siva-Rajah wails like a stormy wind in the trees. A marvelous theatrical singer with tons of soul and attitude. Add to this a metal jazzy/funky rhythm section with occasional slap basslines and complex guitar work and you’re in for a treat. They combine several different styles in a way that doesn’t actually sound quite like any other band. Final verdict: The Sunpilots have come up with an emotional inspiring record and it’s very much an album effort. You definitely need to be open-minded and enjoy several different styles of music to truly get the best/most out of King of the Sugarcoated Tongues…” 8/10. Rock United (DE)

“The story is about man’s need for security and the freedom that we are willing to sacrifice for it. It’s great, and the fact is that Raj’s voice makes me want to hear more and more.” 4/5. Ikon (SWE)

King of the Sugarcoated Tongues is one of those albums that gets better with each listen. And at the end you start again. Highlights include the ear maggots Sex and TV and Rain. Incidentally, the digipak booklet contains all the text of the concept work. The sun was already shining for their debut album Living Receiver which won several awards. One can understand it and wish this charming group even more success. Speaking of hope: as the Australian quartet reportedly still has a suitcase in Berlin, it’s probably not too presumptuous to hope for a club tour…” Gaesteliste (DE)

“Even now, one of the most important albums of 2012.” JimmyRock (DE)

Living Receiver

“If anthemic and soaring rock adhere to your taste, then The Sunpilots will appear as something of a revelation to you. With their debut album Living Receiver, the Sydney quartet has delivered an album fit for stadiums. INDIE ALBUM OF THE WEEK.” The Brag (AUS)

“Poetic rock with the energy of Pearl Jam and the dark undertone of Radiohead…” Soundscape Magazine (USA)

Living Receiver is a beautifully crafted rock album – 4 stars.” Reverb Magazine (AUS)

“Smart modern rock which is irresistible… There are no fillers- just listen to the suggestive opening track Animals in my mind or the lovely Spotlight in the Sun. Raj is a truly great singer with an emotional voice that makes the music come alive. […] you’re going love this album.” Melodic Magazine (SWE)

“Perhaps it is a given that the album [Living Receiver] will be a hit. It deserves to be.” The Bendigo Weekly (AUS)

“The Sunpilots could sway stadium crowds if their stagecraft is any match for their strong musical sense of drama and dynamics. There’s certainly enough passion in singer Raj Siva-Rajah’s delivery.” The Drum Media (AUS)

“The Sunpilots sent shivers down my spine.” Musikmantra (UK)

“There is no question that The Sunpilots have growing public support. From the members on their websites to the listeners contacting radio stations around the country to request their songs, there is a growing buzz surrounding the band.” Soulshine (AUS)

“Poetic, edgy and unique, the Living Receiver highlights the band’s ability to not only tell a great story, but to play them out like instant classics… Great sound, great story tellers and great cover art, what more can a person ask for? My suggestion, get on this bandwagon before it gets crowded.” Mediasearch (AUS)

“With the indie scene fully in The Sunpilots’ back pocket, the star continues to burn for these boys both here and overseas. The latest single Spotlight in the Sun showcases the bands strengths at delivering solid anthemic rock with soul. If this single is any indication of what to expect from the upcoming album, then bring it on!” Poprepublic (AUS)

“Bombast is something many Australian bands work hard to avoid. But there is nothing understated about the debut longplayer from Sydney’s The Sunpilots. […] Everything about Living Receiver sounds big – the riggs, the dynamics, the sense of melodrama.” Time off (Aus)

“The Sunpilots have spent the past twelve months wowing crowds in and around Sydney, and causing a very large wave in the Aussie music biz. Radio stations across the nation have been buzzing with interest […] and The Sunpilots have not had to head overseas to obtain it. Their single Spotlight in the Sun has aired across radio with massive listener reaction.” Poprepublic (AUS)

“It’s easy to see why The Sunpilots are getting their songs Animals in my Mind, Metric System and Spotlight in the Sun added to various radio stations around the country. It undoubtedly helps that frontman Raj Siva-Rajah has a voice that’s distinct and immediately striking. […] The Sunpilots have strong songs and a frontman with a presence: that can make all the difference in this world.” The Brag (AUS)

“I was hooked from the very first listen. There is something in their music that grabs you and makes you sit up and say, “Hey, these guys have a message and they sure know how to put it forward”. If you enjoy melodic emotional rock then do yourself a favour and check these guys out.” The Dwarf (AUS)