After 3 awesome years with us, Adil is stepping down as bass player


After 3 truly awesome years with us, Adil Baktir is stepping down as bass player for The Sunpilots. He’s heading back to Vienna to pursue other musical directions & we send him all our love for the future.

Adil joined the band in the middle of our 2012 European tour. Our last bass player had quit unexpectedly (overnight) & we were booked to play a festival in France the next week. We’d just moved out of our apartment & were living on the road for the first time, so cancelling the tour would have meant no place to stay. Needless to say we were super stressed.

The A-man learned all our songs, quit his job in Vienna & saved our collective asses. We had the audition over Skype so the first time we met him was when we pulled up outside his place. Luckily he wasn’t a serial killer & turned out to be an awesome dude who will always be one of our bros.¬†

¬†Here’s one of our fave photos from the US tour. Thanks for all the memories mate! Looking forward to sharing some beers & cheese-filled sausages next time we’re in Austria.

PS. We’re announcing our new bass player tomorrow!