[LIVE REVIEW] The Sunpilots – Life is a tour | By Aleks Tychmanowicz

Translation of a live review of our Woodstock Festival show!
Here’s the original (in Polish): bit.ly/1F9UMag

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Life-is-a-Tour-The-Sunpilotsby Aleks Tychmanowicz, Poland

Live at Woodstock, PolandI vividly remember my first encounter with The Sunpilots. I was a big Muse fan back then (not much has changed…) and spent a lot of time on Last.fm. Suddenly I got a message from The Sunpilots’ bassist. He told me they were a band from Australia & I might be interested in their sound. I checked out their video on YouTube and liked what I heard. We exchanged a few warm words and I listened to their album for a few days, but like most new music it quickly slipped from my mind.

Live at Woodstock, PolandTime passed. Occasionally I came across their tracks again, like an unexpected Christmas present. But it wasn’t until last year when I went to our fabled Woodstock Festival with my friends that things really changed. Of course, I had no idea who was playing. I learned that when I got there. And to my surprise- on the last day, were The Sunpilots. My eyes went wide, I quickly fired up their Soundcloud on my phone & replayed their music before the concert. It turned out the band was also recording their first live DVD at Woodstock. I thought that was great, because they’d certainly give it their all.

IMG_7720The concert was excellent. And I will say that everything was as it should be. Whoever wanted to jump, could jump. Whoever wanted to contemplate, could contemplate. It was a perfect synthesis of progressive & alternative playing. It was immersion, passion & screams. It was joy. The band also talked about their memories of Polish pierogi & the great Polish audience (something that’s been echoed by many bands). The guys were happy & they fulfilled Woodstock- what more could you want?



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After returning from Woodstock and taking a decent shower, I decided it was time to delve into the history of this band. I had a feeling this wasn’t the first time The Sunpilots had been in this part of Europe. And I was right.

Our storyTo my surprise, I learned they’ve been touring here since 2010. This Australian band is always on the road. They have very short holidays and for many years their life really has been one big tour. At this point, the thought occurred to me that they might deserve the Guinness record for “Longest Concert Tour by a Rock Band” instead of of 30 Seconds To Mars… 

But perhaps the most important thing I forgot to mention… Albums.

Living ReceiverTheir debut album Living Receiver was released in 2009. Twelve tracks of great rock music. The whole character of this band is in the singer’s voice, which is something bewteen Matthew Bellamy and David Bowie, but with a lot of originality.

King of the Sugarcoated Tongues

Their second album King of The Sugarcoated Tongues appeared in 2012. And this record is something phenomenal. The album is one big story. Each chapter has its own surprising title that draws you into its strange world. The lyrics are complex and intricate compared to standard rock. There’s no doubt that you need to give it listen (free album dowload: thesunpilots.com/sugarcoated). Here again, Raj’s vocals shine. Comforting and at the same time deep and heavy. I think this is one of those albums which grows on you each time you hear it.

The Sunpilots. Take up the challenge.

-Aleks Tychmanowicz, Audio Spectrum