New bass player joins the family


Everyone, please welcome our new bass player Stefan Bielik to the family!

We had an awesome jam with him after our Vienna show (yes, another Austrian dude...). He brought a crate of beer to the audition, so we were sold. He also lays down a KILLER bass groove & can translate German parking tickets for us.

Being in The Sunpilots is more than just a gig- it's a lifestyle. Stefan is leaving his job, apartment & friends in Vienna to live on the road with us full time. That takes commitment. Welcome to the club mate!

PS. We head to Berlin in June to start work on our new album!

Spent our last night in Vienna out on the town. Met up with our previous drummer (who lives here now),...

Spent our last night in Vienna out on the town. Met up with our previous drummer (who lives here now), reminisced about old times, drank too much beer & got locked in the palace gardens in the dark.

We ended the night at a "Würstelstand" (translation: sausage stand) outside the opera house. Ate some "Käsekrainer" cheese-filled hotdogs (best drunk food ever?) under an old statue and said our final farewell to Austria. Till next year, that is!

REVIEW: The Sunpilots - King of the Sugarcoated Tongues

English translation of our album review in Austrian magazine Demonic Nights.

Demonic Nights

When The Sunpilots were founded in 2009, they swore to do things without a major record label on their backs and to tour relentlessly instead. After the release of their debut album "Living Receiver" they were pulled from Sydney to Berlin to take advantage of the German capital as the new base for their endless tour schedule.

King of the Sugarcoated TonguesIn the meantime, the quartet led by singer Raj Siva Rajah created new material that mixes the 70s prog approach with even more alternative rock sounds. "King of The Sugarcoated Tongues" is available as a free download, but is available on CD from the band's online store.

In eight chapters, the Australians tell a story about the human desire for security and the sacrifices we have to make to earn it... The Prologue "3 Minutes To Midnight" opens at a relatively temperate pace, but quickly climbs in clear proggerie to a Led Zeppelin-impact. The showpiece is certainly Raj Siva-Rajah's extravagant voice, sounding like an equal fusion of classic Carnartic vocal styles (Siva Rajah's mother is from Sri Lanka) and classic rock. It's Robert Plant, Matt Bellamy and Brandon Boyd rolled into one- even the falsetto works and has substance. One of Bob Spencer's many passionate guitar solos gives the song a certain retro touch.

I'm currently playing one of the longer Sunpilots tracks and it's musical brilliance. "The Captain" lurches from a classic American alternative rock bridge to a Floyd vs. Muse chorus, rounded by a epic solo, bombarded by British hard-rock elements before the rhythm section of Adil Baktir and Kay Ketting turn the grand finale into a veritable Groove-bastard:

"Sex And TV" makes grand gestures somewhere between "You Shook Me" and "Citizen Erased" with a middle section that has vibes of Muse's "Origin Of Symmetry":

In "Exodus" we're blessed again with some Origin-style riffs. The Sunpilots even a drift a little into the metal realm with this track, which finally converges the threads of the record and in an almost jazzy moment, links back to the first notes of the album:

"King Of The Sugarcoated Tongues" continues the dance of outstanding Australian bands. Whatever swims in the water Down Under would do the local music scene some good. With their extraordinary indie way, fascinating storytelling, sophisticated retro songwriting and a terrific singer The Sunpilots supply an Alt-Prog treat of the highest order. Free download action aside, there's also a lovingly made Digipak with all the lyrics and purchasing the CD is definitely worth it to support the DIY ethos of this exceptional band.

Rating: 9/10

"King of the Sugarcoated Tongues" available from:
The Sunpilots store

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Gotta love quirky backstage spaces. This one was a storage room at the back of the bathrooms. We had to...

Gotta love quirky backstage spaces. This one was a storage room at the back of the bathrooms. We had to walk through the toilets to get in & out and considering they were unisex, it added a whole new level to the backstage experience. Saw some interesting things as the night went on.

The lock was a removable door handle so if someone accidentally took it with them, the rest of us were locked in. We had some fun with that. Yeah, sorry about all those "missed" calls Bob...

Exploring the streets of Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful place. It was once the heart of the mighty Austrian Empire & it hasn't lost any of that majesty. We've toured Austria 3 times but this was the first chance we had to really soak up the city.

Walking through Vienna is like taking a step back in time. You could spend hours looking at art & architecture like this & never get bored... These guys had some serious skills.