US roadtrip documentary coming soon

Times Square, NY Exactly 1 year ago today we were standing in Times Square celebrating the end of our first US tour. We were freezing our asses off & running late for our flight (as usual) but we were buzzing. Touring the States was the most amazing experience we've had.

We recorded tons of awesome footage & we're putting together a documentary of our roadtrip. 3 months, 40 states, warts & all...

We've started vlogging our adventures


Got a sick new camera so we can start vlogging our adventures! We'll be posting behind the scenes vids from the studio & the road, live shows and a bunch of never before seen footage. Plus answering your questions, sharing our craziest tour stories and talking about the things which matter most to us.

We've wanted to do this ever since we posted the first 5 'We are The Sunpilots' vids. So stay tuned peeps... new episodes coming soon! Subscribe to so you don't miss 'em.