Happy New Year! It’s 2014 and it’s time to take on the world… and say thank you

Happy new year everyone!

We wanted to start 2014 by saying thank you to all of our amazing fans. This is our full time job and being a small independent band, it’s isn’t always an easy one. The last couple of years have challenged us in ways we couldn’t have imagined. But we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and grown immeasurably as a band and as individuals.

Let’s step back in time a few years… It was a warm summer’s night in 2010 and we were sitting around a barbecue in our back yard (yes, that Aussie stereotype is pretty accurate). As the night unfolded we began talking about what was next for us as a band. We’d just finished our fourth Aussie tour and we’d come to realise we needed to shake things up to grow any further.¬†Finally, as the sun began to turn the night sky orange, we decided our next step would be touring overseas. We crunched the numbers and figured out Europe would be doable but it would cost us everything we’d saved. With a deep breath, we made the call: all in.

The tour went pretty well. We had some wins, made some mistakes and saw most of Europe. By the end we knew something exciting was beginning to happen. We were also totally out of cash! Our future was suddenly both brighter and more uncertain than it had ever been. When we shared that with you, we weren’t prepared for the overwhelming amount of love and support you gave us. So we came up with a new plan…

Our next tour was almost 12 months long and we lived on the road the entire time. You shared your couches, lounge rooms and homes with us so we didn’t have to pay for accommodation. When we toured the UK someone actually moved out of their house so we could have the luxury of separate rooms for a weekend. You fed us, took us to your favourite hangouts and taught us how to swear in 8 different languages. You share our music across the internet every day to help us get heard. You’ve become more than just our fans- you’re our family. We’ve toured like that 3 times and each time has been better than the last. The next few years will still be tough but we’re now able to cover our fuel and food costs. Things are growing steadily, the shows are getting bigger and we’re pumped.

2014 is going to a big year for us. We’re working hard on a new album which will be out in October. We’ll be doing some summer festivals in Europe and heading to the US for a 3 month 70-date tour. It’s our first trip to the States and our American fans are already offering us their couches! Then it’s back to the UK and Europe for another club tour. Also ‘King of the Sugarcoated Tongues’ will be released in the US, Canada, Australia and Japan in February so expect more interviews and reviews in the coming months.

So thank you guys! Thank you for taking this crazy ride with us. Thank you for making it possible. We hope you have an amazing 2014. We can’t wait to share ours with you.