Privatclub July 24 – Our one, very special 2014 Berlin show

It’s been an intense few months since we landed in Berlin this year. We’ve built a studio in the old east side of the city, driven across Europe, played some festivals & done an insane amount of busking to pay the rent. In between that we’ve also been working on a new record.

We weren’t planning on doing a Berlin show till we returned from the US, but you guys have changed our mind. The support we’ve received in this place has been amazing and humbling. And, even though playing semi-acoustic on the street has been fun, it’s been pretty frustrating. We need amps… on a stage… with a pumping, sweaty crowd.

So here it is. Our one, very special 2014 Berlin show. It’s a celebration of our journey so far and of where it’s led us. And a farewell to our fans and friends in Berlin before we leave for the States.

We hope you can join us! Share this and invite your friends to spread the word- we’d love to pack the place out:

2014-07-24 Privatclub - The Sunpilots (AUS) + Bunny Suit (DE) + Mynolia (CAN)